Reasons Why You Should

It is every engaged couple’s dream to be wed at a breathtaking and picturesque country such as Italy. In fact, the Italian Republic boasts of its cultural and historical locations that attracts millions of tourists every year. And if you’re looking for the perfect paradise to tie the knot, then look no further than the island of Sardinia.

Why marry in Sardinia?
Sardinia is considered to be a couples’ haven as well as photographers’ dream wedding photo-op location. The said Italian island welcomes couples as well as wedding photographers with “a romantic and magic atmosphere. Because of its insular nature, Sardinia still retains charmingly rural landscapes, rites and traditions from ancient time,” said travel blog Charming Sardinia. Upcoming brides and grooms can essentially celebrate their wedding on this genuine warm hospitable island—with friendly weather, great cuisine, and bedazzling location that would add charm in any event.

According to The Italian Wedding event, there has been so much diversity in this island that amusingly “expressed in so many varieties of beauty, harmoniously existing site by site.” What makes this island a perfect wedding and wedding-op location? The travel website listed some reasons below:

· Stunning beaches with crystal clear water
· Upscale holiday resorts
· Well-preserved and welcoming island
· Wide set of wedding locations
· Contrasting mountainous interior

Getting married in Sardinia: what to do now?
For Brides and Grooms
It’s a fact: every bride dreams to be the most beautiful woman on her big day. Apart from worrying about how well tanned her skin should be before the wedding day, women should also “feel confident choosing their dress”, remarked Kate Bostock, director of womenswear at M&S. There are hundreds of stylish and classy wedding dresses offered at affordable prices. It is wise for upcoming brides to look and search for the right wedding dress a few months before the wedding day.

Apart from searching for classy wedding attires, Music Box Invites also suggests that every bride and groom should also drink a lot water to “moisturize and exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to get a youthful-looking, dewy skin by your wedding day.” There are a lot of wedding preparation tips online that every bride and groom can refer as it is important to look radiant and glowing on the day itself.

For Photographers
Rule of thumb: photographers should know their equipment from the inside and out. Knowing their equipment well can make it easier for them to make quick changes to camera settings like:

· Aperture
· White Balance
· Flash Compensation
· Exposure Compensation
· Shutter Speed





Knowing the right lenses to use in different sets can help both bride and groom cherish their wedding day.