Portugal, Algarve – October 2012


On a recent family holiday trip to Portugal, as a wedding photographer, I couldn’t help but notice how awesome the scenery and views would be an absolute beautiful setting for a Bride and Groom. From the cliffs overlooking Falesia Beach and and clear, dark blue waters to the cobble stoned, hectic yet quiet streets of Albufeira, were all picturesque. There was a peace about the area even though people were all about us.

Sure as I was thinking this to myself, I saw just that. A beautiful Bride standing under a cork oak tree on a sandstone cliff with the beautiful ocean and beaches behind her. Her long, beautiful gown and veil were flowing in a light breeze with gorgeous sunrise in the background. This breathtaking view that has not been damaged by mankind is a wedding photographer’s dream setting for his subject Bride, her Groom and wedding party.

I could picture the Groom standing on the beaches of Praia do Carvalho looking up to the Carvoeiro Lighthouse as if he were waiting to catch his Bride and run away with her. Later, he in his handsome, dark tux yet with a casualness of bare feet while his beautiful Bride came walking down the beach to him in her bare feet – this was a perfect setting for a wedding photographer. Such a pleasure snapping shots of a happy couple that have nothing but their future ahead as a husband and wife.

The romantic boat trip to the Benagil caves, as a Wedding Photographer, there are so many beautiful angles to set up each member of the wedding party for photographs to make your wedding a wonderful memory that will last years to come. The brides maids standing at the base of the cave with the groomsmen standing on the edges of the cave top looking down at them, smiling and laughing, each bare foot and sand covered with a light breeze blowing the ladies dresses and hair would be absolute beauty to behold.

As a husband and a professional wedding photographer, I have so many ideas of beautiful wedding portraits to be taken on this paradise location on the Portugal Coast. The magical place will bring any Bride and Groom wedding memories to life each time they look through their wedding album. To be the wedding photographer that will be a part of a young couple’s beginning as a husband and wife, in such a wonderful setting, is a magic all to itself.